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Job Description
The Volunteer Firefighter is responsible for fire suppression and general service consistent with stated organizational goals and objectives. These areas include but are not limited to fire suppression, emergency medical service, training, public education, and other duties as assigned.

The Volunteer Firefighter must meet all required training standards, perform as a member of a team, and comply with all District regulations, standards, and guidelines.

Volunteer Firefighters who meet the District's monthly Volunteer Activity Requirements receive up to $200.00 reimbursement per month to help compensate for expenses incurred while volunteering.

  1. Fill out an application. Download an application.
  2. Successfully pass a written knowledge, physical ability, oral interview, and medical examination.
  3. Complete the District's basic training program (Recruit Academy).
  4. Report to your assigned supervisor on a designated shift.

Submit an Volunteer Firefighter application any time. A District representative contacts applicants when a Recruit Academy is scheduled. Download an application.

Volunteers Who Are Now Career Firefighters
Fire District 3's former Volunteers, Interns, and Career personnel have experienced an approximate 90 plus percentage rate of success in becoming employed in the fire service. Below is a list of firefighters who have completed internships/volunteer programs, and career positions who have gained a career position either at Fire District 3 or elsewhere. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! 

Success Story

Fire District 3 Career Firefighter Joe Gray is one of many who has achieved his goal through Fire District 3. FF Gray started his pursuit of a career in 2001 as a Volunteer. FF Gray, upon completing about a year of basic training, began an Internship with the District in 2002. After completing his Internship, Gray promoted to Shift Volunteer and began testing for career positions. Congratulations Joe on gaining employment with Fire District 3.

Success List

         Allen, Jason -Seattle Fire, WA
Andre, Mark - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
Avery, Jesse - Vancouver Fire, WA
Bishop, Matt - Vancouver Fire, WA
Blomdahl, Andrew - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Bowman, Tony - Seattle Fire, WA
     Carter, Brian - Kennewick Fire, WA
Cassel, Justin - Los Alamos Fire, NM
Campbell, Charlie - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Chambers, Rob - Vancouver Fire, WA
Cole, Mark - Portland Fire, OR
Creagan, Sean - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
         Curry, Caleb -Portland Fire, OR
Davies, John - Portland Fire, OR
Dohman, Blaine - Clark County Fire & Rescue, WA
Dove, Dan - Portland Fire, OR
         Eldrid, Isaac -Vancouver Fire, WA
          Farris, Sam -Charleston Fire, NC
George, Brian - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Gomez, Des - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Gray, Joe - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
   Guinett, Michael -Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
   Haldeman, Josh -Clark County Fire & Rescue, WA
Hart, Kevin - Vancouver Fire, WA
Herman, Jeff - Portland Fire, OR
         Hoffas, Josh -Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
Hoxie, Sean - Moses Lake Fire, WA
   Jorgenson, Tony -Kennewick Fire, WA
Karman, Robert - Pierce County Ambulance, WA
Mansfield, Jason - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Martin, Jesse - Clark County Fire & Rescue, WA
Martinell, Craig - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Mason, Ronnie - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
Mauer, Jason - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
McCauley, Judson - Vancouver Fire, WA
        Meyer, Nolan -Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
     Mitchum, Tony -Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
         Mullery, Dan -Pacific County 1, WA
Nichols, Brian - Skamania Fire, WA
Otto, Rob - Port of Portland Fire, OR
Pfeifer, Chris - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
     Porter, Georgia - AMR Clark County, WA
Potter, Ryan - Portland Fire, OR
Resche, Ed - Portland Fire, OR
Rodderick, Sam - Portland Fire, OR
Roskam, Sarah - AMR Clark County, WA
Schrader, Joe - Vancouver Fire, WA
Schrier, Michael - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
       Shears, Carly -Albany Fire, OR
Simpson, Drew - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
         Smith, Greg -Vancouver Fire, WA
Stiffler, Joe - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Squires, Scott - Clark County Fire District 6, WA
        Talarico, Joe -Clark County Fire & Rescue, WA
Thompson, Sean - Florida Fire, FL
White, Justin - Colorado Springs Fire, CO
Widlund, Barbara - Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Widlund, Mark - Camas Fire, WA
     Willett, Jeremy -East Pierce, WA
Woleben, Matt - Mt. Prospect Fire, IL
        Wolf, Andrew -Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
     Zalozh, Andrey -Fire District 3 Brush Prairie, WA
Zarfas, Nick - Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR