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This position is designed for people seeking a career in emergency services. The focus of the intern program includes on-the-job experience, accelerated training opportunities, and job placement information.

Minimum qualifications to apply include NFPA Firefighter I training, Hazardous Materials Awareness, and National Registry EMT. All training must be accompanied with documentation or certification of completion. The Intern Firefighter candidate is a student enrolled in either a Fire Science or Paramedic Program and is seeking on-the-job training.This is a volunteer position. College credits can be earned while participating as an intern firefighter. 

Job Description
The Intern Firefighter is responsible for fire suppression and general service consistent with stated organizational goals and objectives. Responsibilities include but are not limited to fire suppression, emergency medical service, training, public education, and other duties as assigned.

Intern Firefighters must meet all required training standards, perform as a member of a team, and comply with all District regulations, standards, and guidelines. Interns are assigned to a shift and work 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. Time away from shift may be granted for school and or work commitments.

Intern Firefighters who meet the District's monthly Activity Requirements are reimbursed up to $350.00 a month to help compensate for expenses incurred while volunteering.

  1. Fill out an application. Application for Membership
  2. Successfully pass a written knowledge, physical ability, oral interview, and medical examination.
  3. Prove competency for specific firefighting skills and training requirements.
  4. Report to your assigned supervisor on a designated shift.

Submit an Intern Firefighter application anytime. A District representative contacts applicants to schedule entry into the membership process.