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What is the Fire District 3 Fire Safety Poster Contest?

    October 4th - 10th has been nationally recognized as 2020's “Fire Prevention Week”. Historically within fire departments across the United States, this week has been committed to the fire safety education of communities served. Fire District 3 values the importance of fire prevention education and is dedicated to teaching our community about life safety. That is why in the spirit of the national “Fire Prevention Week”, Fire District 3 is enthusiastic to give back to the community through a newly revamped event, dedicated to the education of our community’s youth. 

    The target audience this year for our education program is K - 8th grade, ages 5-14, for all elementary/middle schools within Battle Ground and Hockinson. Students are encouraged to creatively create a fire safety themed educational video  Utilizing a multifaceted educational approach, our program focuses on teaching children how to plan, create, practice, and execute proper fire safety techniques. Understanding that all children learn differently, the creation of this approach was based upon the concept of accommodating the four major learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing and kinesthetic

Student Expectations:

    Students will be expected to watch the "2020 Fire District 3 Poster Contest" educational video, similar to the 2019 fire safety video listed below. On October 8th, teachers will provide each student with an official Fire District 3 11” x 17” poster canvas. Students are to take this poster canvas home and creatively/colorfully construct an evacuation plan of their residence. Equally as important, with the help of parents/guardians, students must physically check all home smoke detectors and practice the evacuation plan they have drawn on their canvases. Submissions will only be valid if a parent or guardian signs the completed poster, verifying that these practical tasks have been completed. Remember, practice evacuating each room like it is an actual emergency because it someday might be! 

Poster Grading:

    Poster submissions will be graded on following directions, a depiction of knowledge/understanding of the fire safety message, creativity, neatness, proper spelling, color usage, and thinking outside the box! Once submitted, Fire District 3 firefighters will pick a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for each participating grade of each school. There also will be a “best in district grand prize” chosen for the most outstanding kindergarten, first, second, and third grade art piece submission. Pictures of the winning submissions will be posted on the Fire District 3 social media accounts.

2019 Fire District 3 Poster Contest: Credit NFPA Kids

Community Involvement:

All District Winner David Vasilevitsky - Fire Safety Message

    This year's Fire District 3 Fire Safety Poster Contest success is largely due to our wonderful community support. We are proud to say that many local businesses of Hockinson and Battle Ground generously endorsed this event, sponsoring the "best in district grand prizes". Due to their donations, we were able to elevate this educational event to a new level and most importantly teach our children to be prepared and fire safe. All of us at Fire District 3 would like to give a special thanks to the following gold, silver, and bronze member sponsors:

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Bronze Member Sponsors:


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