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In 1947 The Hockinson Volunteer Fire Department was formed. In 1953, a new state law required that Fire Districts are identified with their county and the legal name of Clark County Fire District 3 was created. Seventy years later, Fire District 3 serves Brush Prairie, Hockinson, Heisson, Venersborg and the City of Battle Ground.

The Fire Department was staffed by all Volunteers until 1973. That changed in 1973 when the first career personnel were hired at Fire District 3, Chief Don Breakey and Firefighter Bill Miller. Both eventually retired from Fire District 3 in 1989 and 1999. These individuals started a legacy of dedication and hard work that prevails today. We now have a total staff of over 50 dedicated career and volunteer personnel.

The fire apparatus (built by Volunteers) was stored at the Kiive Building at 15910 NE 182 Ave. This site was just north of the current Hockinson Auto Works. The 5 Star Testing facility at 158 Street and 182 Avenue served as the next facility until 1994. In 1993 a bond measure was passed by voters helping build the current Station 31 in Hockinson. In 1996 a new station was added on Rawson Road. Since the stations at Battle Ground Lake and Venersborg have been remodeled to meet current needs. Fire District 3 now houses 7 fire engines, 5 squads, 2 rescues, 2 tenders, 1 rehab, 2 command, 1 boat, and 2 utility staff vehicles in five stations.

Emergency phone calls were made to the Co-Op Store (Now Hockinson Market). A phone tree was used to notify Volunteers with telephones when a request for an emergency response was made. Today, we are served by Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency, a shared state of art 911 dispatch and emergency planning system. In 2017 we responded to over 4000 calls for help.

Funding for fuel and equipment was by donation and subscription for service in 1947. The funding changed to the junior taxing district thereafter. In 2000, initiative-747 passed in the state of Washington. This measure limited increases to 1% annually, it negatively impacted funding for the fire district as costs typically have gone up at a higher rate. Fire District 3’s response has been to initiate aggressive plans to build reserves to fund the fire district in lean years when levies don’t pass or are not available. In 2017, the voters passed a levy to help catch up and maintain service levels, we are thankful for that.

Beginning in January 2016 Fire District 3 began a partnership with the City of Battle Ground. It improved service levels by sharing resources, creating improved response zones, resulting in better coverage, improved response times and better utilization of these resources. This is especially true for incidents that require additional personnel and equipment. We currently have a minimum of four staffed response units and a Battalion Chief on duty each day and every day.

Since 1990 Fire District 3 has had a history and commitment to strategic planning. The numerous revised and new plans have kept us financially and operationally sound. Since the beginning, all personnel have participated in this planning and helped develop Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Vision, and Our Values, all as a team. We will review and revise plan again late in 2018.

We are committed to doing everything we can to provide a responsive service to our constituents. If you have any questions, concerns or comments we will be glad to hear them. Thank you for your continued support.

Scott Sorenson

Fire Chief

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