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The District uses specialty vehicles with unique features and capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of traditional fire service vehicles.

Tower 35
2018 Rosenbauer Commander
500 Gallon Booster Tank    
1250 GPM Pump
109' Ladder

Fire Marshal 35
2002 Ford Expedition 
This vehicle is used by the Fire Marshal to conduct plans reviews, occupancy inspections, and fire investigations. 

Rescue 31
2008 Chevrolet 2500
This vehicle houses our low angle rope rescue equipment and is primarily used for special rescue situations. 

Rehab 31

2001 Ford
This vehicle functions as a firefighter rehabilitation unit, which also doubles as a backup transport ambulance. This vehicle enables the following rehabilitation services for emergency personnel: cooling and warming, hydration, nourishment, medical evaluation, and specialty equipment.

Raft 33

Zodiac 12'
An inflatable rescue and recovery boat located at Station 33 near Battle Ground Lake.